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Chuck Norris 'Terrified' of Islamic Sharia in U.S. Spreads

Still remember Chuck Norris? Movie star "super hero" The U.S. is now diligently writing on the site WorldNetDaily. Unmitigated, Norris picked up the theme of Islamic sharia in the U.S. for his writings made ​​in serial.

Norris was writing the first part shows his fear of Islamic law, although in the text he insists he is not an Islamophobic. But he revealed the danger of the imposition of Islamic sharia increasingly widespread among the U.S. public.

"Where is the Muslim religion and culture spread, sharia law will surely follow quickly," said Norris.

Elsewhere he writes, "Of course, many Americans watched a video of a woman accused of the Middle East caught in the act of adultery, buried in soil up to the head and stoned to death, and Americans think 'this sort of thing will never occurred in the United ...'"

"But Americans are not able to see how sharia law already allowed and subtly enforced in this country," writes Norris.

Veteran movie star gave three examples that Islamic law has become an important issue in American society: a Florida judge who ordered the two groups of Muslims to settle disputes with the Islamic way; call several members of the legislature to ban Islamic law in the state judicial system; and advisory statements Obama in Britain, saying that sharia is "oversimplified".

"It all happened in just the past few months!" Norris writes.

He promised to write four more in this week's article on Islamic sharia. Norris also recommend to read a novel by David Gaubatz's about what he described as "Muslim Mafia". In the novel, Gaubatz told of efforts to the Muslim Brotherhood - an Islamic movement based in Egypt - to infiltrate the U.S. Parliament

Long Journey Towards Islam, A Muslim USA

The journey to Islam is a journey that is long enough for Fred, an American Muslim. She has studied a variety of beliefs ranging from Judaism, Christianity until he finally became an atheist, because the religions that he studied did not satisfy his heart.

Religions did not answer his desire as a religion which he considered quite reasonable, the religion that explains all aspects of life, a religion that teaches sensitivity. Religions that she learned, Judaism and Christianity recriminations that other religions outside of the religion, is wrong.

One day, when Fred visited a public library in Columbus, Ohio by accident he saw a book titled 'The Holy Qur'an'. "I do not know anything about the Quran, I even knew little about Islam, I know for sure, Islam is a religion that teaches violence and terrorism," I'm Fred on WhyIslam site.

But Fred still read-read 'book' and he felt the language in the 'book' is outdated and difficult to understand. "Need to learn to understand it. So I bought al-Qu'an in a bookstore and began to learn the 'book' the odd," said Fred.

Reading the Koran, making Fred terkjut once more interested to learn it. Surprised, because in the 'book' that contained 114 letters which, according to Fred there is nothing new. The letters, said Fred, a restatement and simplification of the contents of the Old Testament and New Testament We.

"This book, the Koran, is screening important parts of the second book of the agreement," said Fred.

And that makes Fred increasingly interested in the Koran, among other verses that tell about the creation of the world by God Almighty and compassion for mankind.

The Qur'an makes Fred wanted to know more about Islam. He was amazed to learn that in the U.S. there are about seven to ten million Muslims. And he was more surprised that the Muslims in the U.S., men and women were people could like him. Not people terrorist, like battered women and intolerant worldview of others, as he has heard so far.

Fred's job to make travel a lot. In every way, Fred continued to learn about Islam. He visited mosques in Columbus, Ohio, in dialogue with Islamic leaders in Sacramento, Calif., visited the Islamic festivals in Portland, Oregon or a meal with Muslims in Tucson, Arizona.

"I found that the Muslim community is a community of warm, caring and willing to share whatever they have with me, without asking questions," said Fred.

Two years later, Fred felt that Islam was the religion that was right for her. He began to search for information about the requirements to become a Muslim. And the conditions for Fred was quite easy.

"I just asked to say that 'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah," the story of Fred recalls the beginning he became a Muslim.

Fred studied with several Muslim prayers. From there she knows, praying five times a day is an opportunity for every Muslim to leave the affairs of the world for a moment and take the time to direct dialogue with God Almighty.

Fred also learned that there is terrorism anywhere, whether religious or political groups. In Northern Ireland, there is a group of Protestant and Catholic religion to commit acts of violence, in the U.S. there are groups of whites who do the same action on behalf of white supremacy, and there are ultra-conservative Christian groups, in South Africa there are groups of whites who apply apartheid, and many other groups.

Related to women, Fred admitted that the Qur'an clearly says that in the eyes of Allah there is no gender difference. If there is still discrimination between men and women in some Muslim countries, is nothing more than the influence of culture and not Islamic teachings.

About Jesus, Fred said that many non-Muslims who are amazed by the Koran because the Koran speaks of Jesus and Mary with great respect. But Islam recognizes Jesus as one of only a prophet who was given miracles by Allah Almighty, Islam does not regard Jesus as Lord.

"In essence, Islam is an extension of Judaism and Christianity, Islam respects the beliefs that adherents. Quran reinforces what is mentioned in the book of old and new covenant and the gospel, but comes with strong evidence. Qur'an contains things consistent, "said Fred.

Status of Women in Islam

Why is it that so many women who have been born and brought in Europe and America are willing to reject their 'liberty' and 'independence' to embrace a religion that supposedly oppresses them and is widely assumed to be prejudicial to them?" This is a question that I found on one of the sites while surfing around, and I found it an interesting question and which I'd like to draw this article around.

Can Islam be prejudiced to women, and yet appeal to women? Can Islam lower the status of a woman and still have more women embracing it as their way of life than men? According to an article written by Lucy Berrington in the Times Magazine (London) dated 9th Nov. 1993: "It is even more ironic that most British converts should be women, given the widespread view in the west that Islam treats women poorly. In the United States, women converts outnumber men by four to one, and in Britain make up the bulk of the estimated 10, 000 to 20, 000 converts, forming part of a Muslim community of 1 to 1.5 million "

How can the case of those women be explained?! Well, I could say that there are only one of two choices that one can decide upon. Either all those women who choose Islam don't know what they are doing or that they discovered Islam is not prejudice to them as others have yet to discover. New convert to Islam since September 11, US Navy petty officer, Heather Ramaha. "Islam gives us Elevation; not Degradation"

In the Noble Quran Allah (Arabic word for God) says:
"Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the Sight of Allah is the believer who has Taqwa (i.e. piety and righteousness)and loves Allah most. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware." The Holy Qur'an(49:13)

"I shall not lose sight of the labor of any of you who labors in My way, be it man or woman; each of you is equal to the other. The Holy Qur'an(3:195)"

On the light of those verses, Islam declares that it has not come to disadvantage women, but in fact has been revealed to elevate women ever since 1400 years ago, when women in many parts of the world and especially in the western societies were considered objects that are owned and with little to no rights in the society they live in.

Before any other religion or system in the world Islam gave a woman the right to inherit, the right to vote and voice her opinion, the right to trade invest and improve herself financially, the right to own - buy and sell, the right to seek knowledge and have a good education, the right to work and has even gone further to oblige the males in every stage of her life, whether it was a father, brother or husband ... It's their duty before God to take care of her, to spend on her, to provide her with the food , clothing and shelter that she needs, to provide her with a good education, to protect her from anything that can harm her and to never hesitate to put their lives in stake for her if the need calls them to do so. "As a modern westerner with a career, of course I had to look into Islam's attitude to women - I couldn't be oppressed all of a sudden. But I discovered that it is pro-women and pro-men; in Islam, women had the right to vote in the year 600. Men dress modestly, women dress modestly; neither should flirt with the eyes, but rather they should lower their gaze. I think it's unhealthy to flaunt your sexuality - it attracts the wrong energy back." (MTV Presenter Kristiane Backer after being a Muslim) "Since I called myself a feminist, my early reading centered around women in Islam. I thought Islam oppressed women. In my Women's Studies courses I had read about Muslim women who were not allowed to leave their homes and were forced to cover their heads. Of course I saw hijab as an oppressive tool imposed by men rather than as an expression of self-respect and dignity. What I discovered in my readings surprised me. Islam not only does not oppress women, but actually liberates them, having given them rights in the 6th century that we have only gained in this century in this country: the right to own property and wealth and to maintain that in her name after marriage; the right to vote; and the right to divorce." (Karima Slack, an American feminist from secular humanism to Islam)

Some Muslim societies today lack those values. Some people may rightly ask then, why do we see some Muslim societies lacking those values? There is a beautiful and very true example I heard from a lecture by an American Muslim called Khaled Yaseen, who said that every person can be a father; but if a father does not turn out to be a good father then it's not fatherhood that we would blame. Similarly, Islam is a rule and order. A Muslim who does not act according to that rule and order then by all means its not Islam that should carry the blame.

Karla, a young Blonde haired Blue eyed young American from Washington DC who is a recent convert to Islam said in an interview made with her: The main question people seem to ask, is "How could you, an educated American woman convert to Islam--a religion that oppresses women?" They are quick to try and equate the rights of women in Afghanistan with the rights of Muslim women everywhere. Basically, what I tell them, is that the Qur'an gives women more rights than the Bible does--in print. That was one of the things that first drew me to Islam. Unfortunately today, Islam is no longer the leader in women's rights. I had a choice--deny what I believe (i.e. that There is only one God, and that Muhammed is a Prophet of God)...or accept what I believe, but work to change the problems that exist within the Muslim community. I chose the latter.

In the world today, one could say that the Taliban government in Afghanistan have been considered as the top example of Women Oppression in Islam. But what's ironic is that even when a woman falls captive in the hands of those supposedly most hateful men in the world, Islam does not fail to win her heart.

Yvonne Ridley is an award-winning journalist of more than 25 years standing and author of two books, In The Hands of the Taliban and Ticket to Paradise. She has spent the last 10 years working for several prestigious Fleet Street newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Independent on Sunday and The Sunday Express. She has also expanded into television and radio producing several documentaries from Iraq and Afghanistan. Yvonne hit the headlines in September 2001 when while working for the Daily Express she crossed illegally into Afghanistan and was subsequently held captive by the Taliban for 11 days. Following her release, she read the Qur'an as she had agreed to during her captivity, and converted to Islam in the summer of 2003.

Last but not least I would like to conclude by the blessed sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him:
"It is the generous (in character) who is good to women, and it is the wicked who insults them."
"The most perfect believers are the best in conduct and best of you are those who are best to their wives."
"Treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers."

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